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BlackBerry 8320 Curve


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BlackBerry 8320 Curve Titanium myFaves Phone (T-Mobile)
I want to see if this works 10/19/2008, by lance.spurgeon
Comments: hope this is going to work for me

LG LX-570


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LG LX-570 Muziq Phone (Sprint)
what a phone 2/14/2008, by tintin
Comments: I love it

T-Mobile Wing


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T-Mobile Wing myFaves Smartphone (T-Mobile)
There Are Several Better Devices Available 10/25/2007, by Bob
Comments: I just returned my T-Mobile wing after a week and a half of solid use. It had a lot of strong points but some major drawbacks ruined the deal. First, those shopping for a device like this are probably looking for a fairly quick data connection. I'm sad to say that T-mobile just isn't up to par with any other, major carrier when it comes to data speeds. It's not a trivial kinda of difference eitther. Verizon has speeds on their phones that are nearly as fast or faster than DSL. With this phone it's barely comparable to a dial-up modem. Forget about Skype, forget about streaming video. It just doesn't happen at those speeds. From a business perspective this device is very solid. Windows Mobile 6.0 offers a few crucial changes over 5.0 but the applications are what won me over. It's nearly a fully functional desktop version of Excel in this bad boy. The version of Word is top of the line as well. Outlook functionality is stellar.
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